Michigan Chapter of NAPNAP

Call for Nominations for Secretary

Posted over 1 year ago by Danielle Van Damme

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This year, the Michigan Chapter of NAPNAP has an Executive Board position open for Secretary! The two-year term of office will be effective July 1, 2019 and the position duties are listed below.

This year we will be offering an electronic voting process through a Qualtrics link via email. Eligible members will be able to participate in voting in the election after announcement of the candidates, whether or not they are able to attend the conference. The link will be available from the day of the conference (April 12, 2019) to 1 week after the conference. The elected board member will be announced on April 19th via email.  

Our chapter is only as good as the volunteers involved. Please consider getting involved in our exciting, passionate, and dedicated Executive Board!

If you are interested please complete and send the attached completed Bio Statement to Danielle Van Damme (dmvandamme@gmail.com) by March 29, 2019.


The Secretary shall carry on the official correspondence of the organization and conduct other duties as assigned by the President. The following is a list of duties for the Office of the Secretary:

  1. Attend and keep minutes of the meetings of the Chapter.
  1. Records or has typed review of minutes of all meetings and sends the draft to the President/Board for review within two weeks of the meeting, sends to all Board members, and a copy to the National office. He/she will maintain copy of all minutes of the past four years in the Secretary’s Book.
  1. Maintains list of Michigan NAPNAP officers, Board members, and PNP student liaisons and updates members’ contact information at each Board meeting as needed. He/she will maintain Michigan NAPNAP Organizational chart and revises, if needed, as determined by the board.
  1. Notify Board members of all meetings of the Michigan NAPNAP Executive Board and compiles a list of attendees. 
  1. Send, receive, and respond to correspondences from members and nonmembers regarding association business, sends acknowledgment email to newly elected Board members and sends welcome letters to newly appointed PNP student liaisons.