Michigan Chapter of NAPNAP

Michigan NAPNAP Fundraising Update

Posted over 1 year ago by Joanne Howard

NAPNAP fundraising efforts help children in need throughout the United States.  Our state organization has sponsored fundraising events for vulnerable children in Michigan.  Last year, a book drive collected 155 children’s book that were distributed to children’s charities in 4 different areas of the state.  This year we would like to highlight PNP professional volunteer experiences in our communities.  Volunteer hours spent working with children in your community can be counted as donations to MI NAPNAP.  Please consider helping out a food pantry, serving meals at a shelter, volunteering as a tutor for school children or a children’s health clinic. Any activity in which you are using your professional knowledge and skills to enhance the health of children in your community can be counted as a donation to MI NAPNAP.


MI NAPNAP members will receive a survey titled ‘Community Service Participation Hours’ in March and April.  Please keep track of the volunteer hours you have donated to your community during the last year (5/1/2018-4/10/2019).  Collection of these hours will be used to recognize the work PNP’s are doing in Michigan to promote the health of vulnerable children.  Individual member survey responses will be collected and tallied with the group total announced at the annual MI-NAPNAP conference on April 12, 2019. 


The children’s book collection project will continue this year at the conference.  Please bring a new favorite children’s book to the conference (or send one with a friend if you are not able to attend).  The books will be donated by MI NAPNAP to Michigan children’s charities throughout the state. A bookplate in the front of the book will let our communities know about our professional organization.  MI NAPNAP volunteer efforts work to improve health and prevent diseases for the children in Michigan.


Thank you in advance for your time and effort in giving back to your community,

Kim Lohr

MINAPNAP Community Service and Fundraising Chair